Information Society – worldwide

  • World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)


Within the context of the United Nations, the WSIS was prepared and organised by the International Telecom Union (ITU). The summit was held in two phases: 10 to 12 December 2003 in Geneva and 16 to 18 November 2005 in Tunis. The primary objective of the WSIS is to focus on the main issues of the information society and to develop a globally accepted concept for that society.

In Geneva, a Political declaration and a Plan of Action were adopted. Amongst other things, these established that
- wireless connections should be set up for at least 90 % of the world's population;
- the Internet should be available in universities and hospitals by 2005, libraries by 2006 and in every primary school by 2015;
- an initial Internet setup should cost not more than around EUR 100 by 2010 and not more than around EUR 50 by 2015.

The objectives will be reviewed at a further summit to be held in 2015.

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  • Internet Governance Forum (IGF)


The main objective of the annual forum is to have a transparent discussion on all relevant questions relating to the topic of Internet Governance on a multilateral level and with the involvement of all stakeholders, and to develop any recommendations for the community of states.
The next IGF will be held in Bali in September 2013.

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  • EuroDIG


The European offshoot of the IFG is the EuroDIG (Pan-European dialogue on Internet governance), which has been held annually since 2008 and also encourages the exchange of information and opinion on IGF topics with the involvement of all stakeholders (multi-stakeholder discussion format).
The last EuroDIG was held on 20/21 June 2013 in Lisbon.

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