Coordinating the affairs of the information society

In Austria, the coordination work is based heavily on the European requirements for the so-called Open Method of Coordination. This political instrument attempts to exert pressure on member states to take action by specifying guidelines, indicators for performance comparisons, benchmarking and monitoring.

In this regard, Department V/4 acts in particular as an information and discussion platform (in the context of the Advisory Council for the Information Society) and as a clearing house between the Federal Ministries, which are involved with specific implementation measures. The work undertaken by the Advisory Council, which convenes regularly once per quarter, focuses on legal aspects of the information society at both the national and international level. Moreover, specific implementation measures (above all in connection with the Digital Agenda for Europe) are regularly documented and brought to the attention of the European Commission and the interested general public.

The Competence Centre for the Internet Society (KIG) coordinates new and necessary activities and measures, in particular on the basis of the results of the Austrian Internet Offensive and sets priorities accordingly. The KIG builds on the existing structures and activities of administration, business and science, and pursues, in particular, the following four objectives:

  • To position Austria in the leading group of ICT nations
  • To increase broadband penetration and use
  • To understand the Internet as an opportunity for all people
  • To promote the coordination of ICT policy and the involvement and implementation of research results