Statistics Austria

Facts & figures turned into information

Statistics Austria is an information centre serving citizens, companies, academia, policy-makers and administrators as well as international institutions, in particular the European Union. Its aim is to provide a comprehensive, objective picture of Austria’s economy and society.

Promoting a better understanding of Austria

These "Customers" may all request information from Statistik Austria. Its Internet website is the most outstanding feature among the wide-ranging services offered to the public. Most of the comprehensive information it provides is free of charge. In this way, customers are able to make sound decisions based on objective information.

Improved efficiency through divestment

By virtue of the 2002 Federal Statistics Act, the Austrian Central Statistical Office was divested from the Federal administration and set up as the independent, non-profit organisation called Bundesanstalt Statistik Austria. Divestment was intended to lead to greater efficiency, flexibility and customer focus.

In early December 2000, the re-designed Bundesanstalt was presented to the public under the new brand name Statistik Austria with a new corporate design. The company name Bundesanstalt Statistik Österreich, which is laid down by law, remains unchanged for the time being.

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