Division I: General Matters

Division I coordinates the activities of the different divisions of the Federal Chancellery. It ensures and supports the internal administration, infrastructure and operations in general. At the cross-departmental level, it is responsible for organisational projects of the Federal administration which affect all ministries and departments. Moreover, it coordinates the provision of information to the public about the work of the Federal Chancellery and the Federal Government.

Specifically, Division I has responsibility for:

  • Protocol and event management
  • Matters relating to the staff of the Federal Chancellery
  • Organisational matters of the Federal Chancellery
  • Business matters of the Federal Chancellery
  • Administering the business of the Council of Ministers
  • Coordinating replies to parliamentary queries
  • Construction and facilities management
  • Planning and executing the budget of the Federal Chancellery, monitoring of grants,
  • IT operations of the Federal Chancellery and the central backup system, the Federal electronic file system
  • Internal audit
  • Legal affairs and contracting
  • Decorations and awards
  • Coordinating the documentation and specialised information services at the Federal level, matters relating to the administrative library
  • Providing information to the public at large about the work of the Federal Government
  • The Federal Chancellery’s Internet portal
  • Accreditation of, and assistance for, international journalists, media representatives and press councils
  • Setting up press centres at international conferences in Austria
  • Citizens Service, Europe helpdesk and service hotline of the Federal Chancellery
  • Publication and dispatch of information material

Moreover, Division I has oversight responsibility for Statistics Austria and the Austrian State Archives.

Phone: +43 1 531 15-202231
Fax: +43 1 531 15-202508
Email: praesidium@bka.gv.at