Welcome to the virtual tour of the Federal Chancellery

Accompany us on a virtual tour of the most important rooms of the Federal Chancellery.

Many of the rooms presented here are of historic importance. At the same time, however, they have not lost their original function, still serving as conference rooms and offices. For example, the stone room hosts the press briefings that take place after Cabinet meetings.

Outside view of the Federal Chancellery

Fig. 1: The Federal Chancellery viewed from Ballhausplatz (© BPD/imb)

More detailed information about the Federal Chancellery is available in the video guide 'The historic rooms of the Austrian Federal Chancellery' and the book Ballhausplatz 2. A House and its History.

Baroque facade with inscription

Fig. 2: Portal and main entrance (© BPD)

The tour begins with the Staircase.